Radiant Hoop Dance.

Hoop dance is the journey of self-expression, creativity, and playfulness. When I pick up my hula-hoop, I connect to my inner child and allow my worries to melt away effortlessly. It is impossible to not smile while spinning in circles in the soft grass. Hooping is a direct connection to my inner child, who wants to laugh and play and be in a state of overflowing joy. Dance raises my energetic vibration in such a powerful way that I have to remember to ground myself, which is perfect when I am outside in nature, barefoot on the earth. 

I lose myself in the moment. Like yoga, it is not so much about what the movements look like, but rather, what the movements feel like in my body. I stretch, reaching for the sky, and move energy throughout my entire body. Hooping as an expressive dance form allows me to release energetic blocks, both in my physical and energetic bodies. It is a form of conscious movement, a meditation that raises my vibration as I surrender to the present moment. Others who watch me are also filled with joy and bliss. There is nothing better than seeing somebody dance completely, with every fiber of their being, moving in ways that only their body can move. There is a certain amount of surrender when you lose yourself in the Now, in the harmony of radiant hoop dance. 

Feel free to see more of my radiant hoop dance videos on my YouTube Channel.


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