Healing love from the angels.

This week with the Uranus-Pluto Square and full moon lunar eclipse, many things are coming up. Old issues, fears, and anxieties are bubbling to the surface in order to be cleansed and released. Critical information is coming into our awareness that deserves our attention. By integrating these realizations, we are being asked to act with dignity and responsibility regarding our next course of action. The truth is here in all its clarity, calling us to more fully step into our life path and heed the guidance of our inner wisdom. Much of the uncertainty surrounding our mission and the future can be released. With our pure intention, all of the lower vibrational energies weighing us down can be transmuted in the healing process.

aura jade rainbow reiki love angels

This heightened awareness can contribute to a healing crisis, a period of emotional turmoil and fear as these lower energies are healed. The activating information we are now receiving must be integrated into our being through intention, meditation, and devotional spiritual practice. By connecting to the loving guides and angels surrounding us, we choose to light our path with the lucid light of truth. Anything that no longer serves you and your highest evolution can now be lovingly cleansed and healed through meditation, visualisation, yoga, and detox of the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Ask for support and guidance from your angels, for they cannot violate your free will. They will support your healing process by helping you release negativity and deep-rooted fear. If you invite them in, they will help you. Open your heart to receiving healing love from the angels, and call on them to guide your path. 


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