Hoop Bunny Friday: The Sacred Circle.

aura jade fractals sacred flower of life hoop dance

Dance is a celebration of one’s unique individual expression in the world of form. The sacred circle of the hoop represents the Universe and its composition of fractals, swirls, and circularity. The smallest part of the Universe represents the whole. When the light of love is expressed through dance, it enlivens everything as that loving vibration reverberates throughout the cosmos. Hoop dance is a prayer and a devotional offering to Gaia as my bare feet caress her. In turn, I am supported, nurtured, and healed by her.

The hoop is an invitation to go within and simultaneously, a radical outward expression of Universal love. The sacred circle is one way to step into your power, love, and healing capacity if you choose to approach it as a moving meditation. Radiant Hoop Dance invites you to discover the abundance of love within and captivate others with its authentic expression. When you dance from the heart, you heal yourself and the world.

Pop by my YouTube Channel to see my Radiant Hoop Dance videos.


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