Heart Hugs on the Playa.

The intensity of the full moon lunar eclipse, also a supermoon, contributed to a weekend of love, healing, and authentic heart connections. Last summer, I first heard about Playa Del Fuego, also known as PDF, a regional Burning Man event that takes place twice a year in Delaware. This event embraces the forward-thinking principles of Burning Man, including Radical Self-Expression, Radical Self-reliance, Radical self-inclusion, decommodification, Leaving No Trace, and gifting. A part of my soul was drawn to Playa Del Fuego. I knew it was something I had to experience. I set the intention to experience the magic of the Playa and I released my will. Effortlessly, I was guided to the Playa for their Spring 2013 burn. When things flow with grace, my ego to takes a back seat and I allow my heart to guide me.

Prior to going to Playa Del Fuego, I heard so much about it and kept receiving messages, both explicit and implicit, that I had to be there. When I hear the voice of my intuition, I follow it. The exact events I need to experience lovingly unfold. I am brought together with the perfect people I need to meet, and they need to meet me. We are energetically drawn into each others experiences because we are meant to learn something from each other. My inner wisdom guided me to the Playa with an open mind, free of preconceived ideas of what I thought it would be. I honestly had no idea what the weekend would bring, no idea what to expect. I allowed myself to flow, to be fully in the moment. When that happens, magic and divine guidance flourish.

The day before going to the Playa, I received messages from my angels that I had to clear and heal my root chakra. In order to connect more fully with my guides and higher self, I intended to experience PDF without the aid of any substances or hallucinogens. By upholding clarity of mind and purity of intention, I allowed myself to fully surrender to the experience. I released the egoic mind, and my heart took the lead. On the Playa, I was guided by the sun, stars, and moon. There was no time in the strict linear sense, only the here and now. Playa Time is not past or future, but the eternal moment, where there is no fear, worry, or anxiety. There is only intuition, love, gratitude, acceptance, and a deep feeling of being loved and guided.

With this, I express deep gratitude for the multitude of experiences that unfolded this weekend. The palpable energy of love radiates on the Playa, where people are free to fully express themselves and play and share and love. I connected with so many loving beings and I was healed by their unconditional acceptance. I love others for who they are now, and I receive that love back and more. Thanks for all the heart hugs, smiles, and laughter. Burners know how to give heartfelt hugs that cultivate the healing quality of unconditional compassion and acceptance. It is the feeling of being totally accepted, safe, and loved.

I love you all. As we integrate our experience into our being, know that we are all being divinely guided in each moment to fulfill our highest purpose, our dharma.


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