Lightness and Expansion.

When I am in states of expansion, I have the feeling of being simultaneously scared and excited. It is a flutter in the heart that knows what is about to happen may very well shatter my pre-existing paradigms. There is a soft, lulling sense of fear as I shift from the known to the unknown. The ego is always a bit scared when it is moving into the realm of what has never been done before. It doesn’t feel safe, but the heart wants nothing more than to expand with lightness and grace. It is safe for you to dwell in the space of expansion, to follow the wisdom of the heart to guide you into the darkness of the unknown, of the future, where all realities are possible.

As you approach the realm of the unknown, the feeling of fear will subside as you surrender into the heart space. The intuitive wisdom of your Higher Self guides you as you make the shift, supporting you with lightness, grace, and ease. Breathe deeply into that part of you that yearns to embrace freedom and paradigm-shattering realities. Continuously nurture your innate desire to expand beyond the safe boundaries of past experience and into radical opportunities to fully shine your light. You are on the right path when you feel the fear and move past it with loving grace. Embrace the lightness of expansive states of the heart.


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