Mermaid Empathy and Detachment

Mermaids fully embody the nurturing, compassionate, and feminine aspects of water. They have but one purpose, to love. Mermaids are aware of their intimate connection to nature. The myriad waters that caress the entire planet are an innate part of their being and they cannot be separate from it. The element of water is characterized by empathy and compassion. Mermaids have water in their auras, and it is in their nature to love freely and unconditionally.

Aura Jade Mermaid Realm

Mermaids are empaths who feel the feelings of others and dream their dreams. They can sense another’s presence, their wishes and desires, and also, their greatest potential. Like water, mermaids adapt effortlessly to their environment. They intimately connect with the dreams of others. People feel comforted and safe in their presence because mermaids understand their true nature, beyond social constructions and ego. Mermaids understand that nothing is outside of them, but all is unified in the love that pervades all existence. They radiate a sense of inner knowing, peace, and innocence.

The empathy of mermaids surpasses the understanding of humans, which is why so often they must conceal their true nature just to survive in society. They unconditionally love and accept others, with an intimate understanding of the divine nature of reality. Although mermaids possess empathy that allows them to deeply connect with others at a soul level, they remain detached in relationships. They understand that most people do not access the transformative power of love, but rather, seek to control or posess in matters of the heart. Mermaids remain lovingly unattached to people and experiences, which allows them to flow effortlessly and gracefully.

Traits of Mermaid Women by William Mistel.


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