I am continuously and gently reminded that my purpose here is to share love freely. As a Lightworker, Starseed, and Mermaid, I receive subtle hints to my true nature and the origins of my spirit. It is a gentle reminder of who I am and what I am here to do, to ground the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Mermaid Realm to Mother Earth. As a healer and bringer of light, my purpose requires me to heal my own darkness in order to serve others more profoundly.


I feel called to openly share all aspects of my being in an authentic, truthful way. At the same time, it is vulnerable and difficult to express the aspects of my being that have remain hidden for most of my life. As an empath, the pain and intensity of human life caused me to retreat into myself in an effort to avoid more pain. The glaring sense of being so different from others forced me to find solace in inner peace and wisdom.

Writing is the way I channel the wisdom of the stars and astral realm of the mermaids. It is a release from emotional turmoil. I am ready to let it go, to surrender the pain in order to fully embrace my Divine Potential. As I align with my Highest evolutionary path, I am forced to surrender all parts of myself that hinder my progress and prevent me from embracing what I am here to do. When I am a clear channel for spirit to flow, I feel more connected to my purpose. I am reminded of my mission to awaken others, to bring more light and grace to the earth.


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