When you walk the spiritual path, you are never alone, but obstacles and distractions will stand in your way, many of them illusory constructions of the ego-mind that mistakenly believes separateness is reality. The inner wisdom of the Higher Self knows that only love is real. Anything that is not in alignment with love is a result of disconnection from one’s true nature and understanding of the Universe. Unity consciousness is a reality that transcends the conditions of the material world, with its perpetuation of lack, fear, and anxiety. While abundance is the true state of the Universe, we need to attune our minds to release patterns of wrong thinking that keep us stuck in lack-mentality or “I’m not good enough” thinking.

aura jade

The expression of your spiritual path and divine life mission is beyond unique. Each step of the way is illuminated with love and the gentle guiding voice of your intuition and angels. When you release ego-thinking steeped in fear, you are free to attune the heart and mind to love, to Unity Consciousness that is in alignment with abundant states of being. To change your mind only requires a persistant willingness to continuously let go of fearful thought patterns and old behaviors that no longer serve your Highest Potential. If you are ready to let something go, dwell in meditation and sincerely ask your angels, guides, Ascended Masters, or Higher Self to lovingly transmute the old thoughts into alignment with Universal will, the part of you that operates from a place of love and abundance. You can imagine a bright cleansing light or a bubble taking the negativity away. With the help you invoked from your angels, fear floats away, and you feel lighter instantly.


Each moment is an opportunity to align the mind with your greatest potential. Gratitude, love, abundance, and harmony are our natural states of being. We only need to let go of everything that is standing in the way of realizing that truth.

ॐ Shanti ॐ


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