Emotional Intelligence.

This June brings a Grand Trine in emotional water signs. The awakening vibration of the Divine Feminine invites us to be truly present with our feelings, the tides of emotion that rise and fall. To be aware of them all, especially the difficult, painful, and fearful feelings that we are inclined to turn away from. Strength arises when we consciously choose to no longer escape what our inner wisdom is saying. The Higher Self speaks through intuition, a gentle knowingness. It is a soft whisper that tells us which direction to go, through our emotions and passions. Always go in the direction of what awakens within the greatest bliss and allows you to authentically shine. What makes you glow with the inner radiance of unconditional love?

Aura Jade Luna Divine Feminine

Cultivating emotional intelligence is a fundamental aspect in awakening to our true selves. The heart will never lead you the wrong way, if you get still and clear enough to listen. By creating harmony with the totality of our feelings, we have the opportunity to raise our thought-forms to higher levels, in alignment with the creative force of love. When this occurs, we choose to actively release and transmute the distractions that prevent us from fully embracing our life purpose. These distractions come in the form of negative patterns of thought and behavior that keep us stuck in old ways of being. By practicing to become more aware of our emotions, we can cultivate consciousness in all areas of life, and thereby pinpoint the things that are no longer serving our highest potential.

Aura Jade

Some ways to create greater awareness around your emotional state include meditation, free writing, exercise, spending time in nature, and anything that allows you to get out of your head and into your heart. Get still, listen, and go in the direction of your dreams. Creating emotional intelligence will allow you to gain clarity in regards to what will contribute to your greatest transformation.



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