Inner Radiance & a fresh perspective.

The summer solstice and full moon illuminate parts of our lives that deserve greater attention. These expansive and emotional energies brought up many things in my life, mainly, old conditioned patterns of fear, lack, unworthiness, and uncertainty. After dwelling upon the difficulties reflected in my outer world, I determined that these experiences were rooted in my own negative thought patterns. I felt manipulated, depressed, and uncertain of my worthiness to be loved and abundant. Then, I realized the reason I felt that way was due to the stories I told myself in my mind that I’m not good enough as I am. I chose to feel that way in order to shine a light on my own fearful thought patterns. The inner world is reflected in the situations we attract into our experience. 


After I was able to see my experiences from an objective perspective, I began to realize that I had to heal the ego-patterns of lack, distrust, and debilitating fear that prevented me from moving forward. It all bubbled up to the surface because I had to take a deep look at the conditioned thoughts and actions I created. Every action and thought is a conscious choice that may or may not be rooted in an unconscious pattern.

When we look at our life’s experiences from a loving perspective, we realize that we attract the situations that are in alignment with how we feel. If we harbor emotions of turmoil, negativity, and lack, we see those things reflected in our outer world. 

We are now at a crossroads where we can actively bring the light of consciousness into every moment and experience, thereby choosing our path. Even during the times when we feel uncertain or fearful, we are always on our spiritual journey. Sometimes we take a detour or dwell too long in one spot. We can let it go, surrender, and move on. Even when we attract difficult experiences into our reality, we are on the correct path for our highest evolution. Everything is a conscious choice and every moment is an opportunity to align with the source of inner radiance, the love that permeates all being. 



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