Removing obstacles to manifestation.

One of the main ways we can sabotage the manifestation process is by believing the inner doubt and fear that prevents us from moving forward. Manifesting what we truly desire is a practice that requires patience, trust, and a willingness to do the inner work required to raise you to a higher vibration that is in alignment with what you want to create. Introspection will allow you to gain clarity about what you want to bring into your life. In addition, whatever we want to manifest will only be attracted into our experience if we fully trust our ability to create and accept it. All of us are co-creators of our reality. What we think, we become. What we feel is what we are. Are your thoughts and emotions contributing to your greatest evolution, or are you stuck in old patterns of being that no longer serve you?

lucid dreams aura jade

When we want to bring something into our lives, the hardest part is removing all of the obstacles that stand in the way of aligning with that vibration. If we don’t feel worthy of love, abundance, or support, how can we attract that into our reality? Until we embrace our worthiness to feel loved, abundant, and supported, we are unable to accept that way of being into our lives. We must first feel and be that which we want to create. It’s not just about wishing, dreaming, and praying. It’s about trusting ourselves, and cleaning up our own side of the street by releasing the thoughts, words, actions, and feelings that do not align with what we want to manifest.

Be who you want to be. Imagine your true self in front of you, the person who is infinitely wise, loving, compassionate, and successful. What thoughts would you think? How would you feel and act toward yourself and others? How would you spend your time? Align with that loving vibration and embrace it fully. If you want to be loved and fulfilled, be loving, serve others, and fill your life with all of the things that bring you deep satisfaction. At any time, you can call upon the guidance of your true self to help you. You will always know what is right for you in any situation because you possess wisdom, intuition, and creative love.


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