Clarity & Transformation.

A common misconception is that you must be a flexible gymnast or contortionist in order to practice yoga. This is a mistake because people do not understand the true nature and purpose of the yogic path. First and foremost, yoga is a spiritual journey with the ultimate goal of gaining clarity, correct thinking, and a transcendental knowledge of the self and reality. It is the process of removing everything that is not based in correct perception and divine wisdom. Yoga is to see yourself and your life as it really is, without all of the things that cloud your judgement, distract you, or make you otherwise adopt wrongful thinking or limiting ingrained patterns.

Yoga aura jade

Once you think you’ve got it all figured out and you know everything there is to know about yoga or otherwise, you’ve got it all wrong. That is where we stumble and fall, when we think we are unequivocally correct. Yoga teaches us to be comfortable with the unknown, and to continuously move in the direction of what we thought was impossible. It has nothing to do with the mastery of poses. That is almost inconsequential. The poses, mantras, meditation, and breath-work are simply tools to cultivate knowledge and direct experience of the self. It is about the inner journey of transformation and heightened awareness.

If you want to release all of the wrong thinking and conditioned patterns that keep you stuck and small, embark on the yogic path. My teachers and fellow practitioners have seen the transformative qualities of the devotional practice of yoga. It does not lie. It works for everybody who approaches it and makes it an integral part of their life. Begin at the beginning.

Om Shanti.


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