Creating more joy & passion.

These days, I am being called to do more of the things I love and release the things that don’t make me radiate with joy. One of the worst feelings is doing something I don’t really care about because of an external obligation or expectation. When I do that, it slowly drains me of vital energy, passion, and creativity. There is a vague sense of discomfort and discontent when I am not following my heart or listening to my inner wisdom. I can leave that behind in order to allow myself to be guided.

aura jade yoga

Filling your day with bliss means doing more of what you truly adore and leaving behind the rest. This doesn’t mean completely giving up all responsibilities. We need some type of structure and discipline to create the space for our true passions to flourish. It is a continual process of bringing awareness, authentic joy, and child-like wonder in our lives and slowly crowding out the things that we don’t really care for. A telling indication is when the heart feels light with creative love. If the passion is not there for a situation or relationship, the feeling is more like indifference or lack of energy. If something doesn’t make you excited or blissful, why give it more of time than it deserves? Seriously, move in the direction of what makes you energetic, creative, and joyful. The Universe will support you with opportunities to shine, fulfilling relationships, and unexpected miracles. 


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