Living meditatively.

Cultivating mindfulness is a daily practice that does not stop when we get off the yoga mat or the meditation cushion. In fact, our work is just beginning. Spiritual practice provides the tools to meet our experiences with clarity, but that can only be done with unwavering intention. Day after day, we are called to continue waking up to our power, and to resist the urge to descend back into negativity and unconsciousness. We must look at our darkness and shadows with the perspective of the observer, pure consciousness. With our desire for transformation, we approach our lives with an attitude of lucidity and meditative awareness. Mundane responsibilities are now opportunities to practice mindfulness and detachment from the outcome. When we live our lives with awareness, everything is a meditation, a chance to fully immerse ourselves in the Now.

Every thought, word, and action is a meditation and a prayer, a testament to our dedicated spiritual journey. With this meditative awareness, we are not as easily angered or upset, because we remain grounded in our practice. Even when everything around us is being destroyed and crumbling to the ground, we remain steadfast in our mission, balanced in the awareness of our inner wisdom and boundless joy.

I invite you to take this time to set a powerful intention for what you want to create in your life. How you bring more balance, peace, and playfulness into your daily experience? What practices help you to remain grounded in your love? In what ways can you live more mindfully and offer your thoughts and actions as a prayer to the Universe?


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