The Philosophy of Hoop Dance.

For those who have yet to experience the flow and present moment awareness of hoop dance, it may seem to be an inconsequential resurgence of a childhood toy. The sacred circle of the hoop is much more than that. It is a lifestyle, a path of inner reflection, and a unique, powerful expression of creative movement. The hoop itself, a plastic circle in its most basic form, is related to sacred geometry, the creation of infinite patterns of the circular orbs around the body. It becomes an extension of the person, a dance partner, a tool to explore body awareness and self-expression.

My journey of hoop dance has taught me to open up, to radiate the light within, and to re-connect with my inner child, the dancer who always loved to laugh, play, and explore. I began dancing when I was 5. Then somewhere along the way, I stopped dancing. I don’t remember why. I covered up that part of myself around the time when I started caring about what others thought of me, debilitated by self-doubt. In March 2011, I was inspired by a hoop dancer. It was the first time I saw somebody dance with the hoop as an extension of herself, floating gracefully and effortlessly within and around it. At that distinct moment, I decided to teach myself how to hoop dance. I unlocked a part of myself that had remained hidden for years.

When I see people flowing with the hoop, I am continuously blown away by the authentic joy and creativity they radiate. There is nothing I enjoy more than being entranced by a dancer losing themselves in the hoop. In moments of flow, you are in your own Universe, a safe, loving place, where it’s just you and the hoop, and the graceful dance between the two. In those moments, you relinquish the analytical mind and the heart steps in. These are the moments of the thoughtless mind and full present moment awareness.

In the past few years, hoop dance has gained popularity because it is simple and accessible for many people. Both children and adults pick up the hoop with playfulness, and most know how to do at least one thing with it, even if they are simply experimenting. From a larger perspective, the growth of the hoop dance community is related to the ascension of the Divine Feminine, as both males and females begin to acknowledge the goddess aspect in themselves, the receptive, intuitive side that flows with nature. Hooping itself is inherently sensual and expressive. The gentle movement of the hips and body allows the dancer to express their unique energy and share that with others. Hoop dance truly allows people to become aware of their body and their creative expression of movement, unlike any other.



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