Find the Zen in everything.

When we embody the stillness of inner peace, our external environment no longer dictates how we feel. We increasingly free ourselves of the worries of the conditioned mind and the expectations of others. When we act from a space of empowerment and self-respect, we cultivate a deep sense of inner knowing, where we are balanced, grounded and serene. These times are opportunities to grow, consciously create our experience, and embody the wisdom of the authentic Self. This does not mean that hardships won’t arise. Difficulties inevitably come up, as a means to test our strength and trust in ourselves.


Approach each experience with a perspective of clarity, of moving closer and closer toward the truth, to that which is eternal and unchangeable. As a daily practice, we remain committed to seeking wisdom over a long period of time. We become more grounded in our inner guide. We can face all situations that come our way. The good times enter our experience, gradually giving way to times of suffering or pain. Nothing can last forever, not even the feelings of bliss, joy, peace and contentment. Whatever arises, we know that it will soon change. We allow ourselves to flow and handle whatever we are given, knowing that it is an opportunity to evolve on our journey.



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