Karma Yoga.

Karma yoga is the integration of action, non-attachment, and clarity of focus. The practice of  asna postures is not so much about progressing in the poses themselves, but more about the heightened awareness that comes from moving with focused intention. Connecting the breath with the graceful movements of the asana practice gives the mind something to focus on as it gently takes a backseat to the heart. In this manner, the mind can softly relax as we settle into the flow of the yoga practice.

Original photography.

During the practice of yoga, we are invited to fully surrender to grace and devotion as the body begins to open up, feeling light and expansive. Once we are familiarized with the poses, we can move from the awareness of the heart, from the space of the thoughtless mind. The postures become more natural as they are integrated into the wisdom of the body and muscular memory. It is only then that we can soften into the flow, the unique state of being in which we are totally in the here and now, focusing on each movement, yet remaining unattached in the process.


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