Effort & Ease.

In yoga, we always seek to maintain the delicate balance between effort and ease. Will-power and action give us strength in our practice, which must be met with an equal measure of surrender. We need that inner drive and external motivation to get us on the mat, to give our full focus to be in the now. Cultivating single-pointed focus is key, and at the same time, we cannot push and strain our way through it all. There must also be the balance of effortlessness and grace, which also allows us to be fully present with our experience.

Yoga is about being in the unique state of flow, to approach the practice with total concentration while taking the path of least resistance. Like water, we flow with the breath to discover the grace inherent in each posture. If we forget the breath and push the body too far, the effort is counter-productive. Yoga asks us to be witnesses of our experience and to surrender the ego’s ideas of what it thinks our practice should be or look like. It’s not about the external shape of the postures as much as it is about our internal experience. Yoga should be playful, light, and full of grace. In this way, we cultivate devotion and peace, directed toward the practice and to ourselves.


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