The Inherent Power of Vulnerability.

When we release self-judgment, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in front of others. A burden is released when we remember that we don’t have to be perfect or live up to standards that others created for us. By tuning into the intuitive, creative side of our being, we discover the source of inner knowing, the part of ourselves that contains infinite wisdom and love. This never-ending stream of Universal consciousness gently reminds us, again and again, that we are forever loved, cherished, and cared for. When we remember that everything we need will always be provided for, we can relax and allow ourselves to be gently pushed along by the current. We lay our heads back, and float, drifting along to wherever we are supposed to be.

The greatest feelings of expansion arise when we give ourselves permission to be vulnerable. The ego’s will is surrendered when we come to the realization that we actually don’t have it all figured out. We become comfortable with the unknown, and relinquish fear and the need to control our experience. We are unsure of what is coming next, and we revel in that inevitable feeling of vulnerability. And yet, when we act from that space of surrender and pure openness, we realize we are powerful beyond measure, because the choice is ours. The choice is always ours, to choose love over fear in each moment. It is a conscious decision to align with the light. We decide over and over again, and each time, we move closer toward the truth of reality. We are conscious co-creators of our experience.


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