Living Creatively from the Heart.

I witness when the ego mind takes over. It tends to repeat the same thoughts on a loop, creating anxiety, restlessness, and a vague, overarching sense of discontent. I know the process so well, and watch it with a sense of detachment, simply allowing the mind to be, noticing when it runs wild with ego-based thoughts, which are often judgements. The mind is a powerful tool that creates our reality and operates in a dualistic pattern. The nature of the mind is to analyze, discern, and categorize our experiences as good or bad, attractive or repulsive. The mind wants to place things into neat little boxes that are easily compartmentalized. If things fail to fit into the mind’s paradigm of duality, it is rejected.

The realm of the heart and intuition operates on a more subtle level that forgoes judgement, attachment, and preferences. The heart is always is the now, and this aspect of our being is content to simply be. There is nowhere to go and nothing to prove. The only thing that remains is the journey of the eternal now, where we are guided from one experience to the next, each moment seamlessly blending into the next, creating a linear pattern that the mind perceives as time. The heart is aware of a much greater consciousness that transcends past, present, and future. The more we feel and act from the heart space, the more awareness we bring to our experience, allowing us to more fully align with our highest path for transformation, creativity, and service to others.


When we live from the creative space of the heart, we extend compassion and loving-kindness to all beings, rather than judging them from the perspective of the ego mind. We surrender our attachments and free ourselves from the bondage of self-created and self-perpetrated fear, anxiety, and worry. The heart knows a different way, the path of ease, grace, and least resistance.


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