Earth Goddess.

As tiny cells on the surface of Gaia, we are actively participating in the ascension and evolution of the planet. Our consciousness grows as we uncover latent fears and pains that have been neglected. We become more mindful, more aware. Over and over, we receive messages that quietly whisper, “You are the creator of your reality. What do you want to create?”


Original photography.

Earth goddesses are the protectors and healers of the planet. They lovingly watch over nature and care for the animals. Fairies and mermaids are Earth Goddesses who protect and facilitate the global ascension process. They are the containers for the vibration of the Divine Feminine. They realize that the health of the environment is a direct reflection of inner vitality, radiance, and love. As within, so without. Earth goddesses are sensitive and highly empathic, feeling the environment as an extension of themselves. There is no separation. Through their love, compassion, and creativity, Earth Goddesses effectively ground healing energy that is both powerful and innately feminine. They hold the space for massive transformation to occur, in the collective mind and in our physical reality. Their role here is to love without attachment, to shine, share, play, and heal.

Connect to the Earth Goddesses by spending time in self-reflection in nature. Seek the child-like perspective when you are simply happy and content to be in the now. Send out loving vibes to align with the Earth goddesses, for they can clearly perceive energy and intention. Soak up the healing that can be discovered in nature. Keep in mind that when you heal your negativity, you heal Gaia in the process. Play in the sunshine. Visualize the ocean and imagine being the water, the waves crashing on the shores, the flowing rivers and streams. Imagine swimming down to the depths of the sea and playing with the dolphins and magical marine life.


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