Divine magic.

Wherever you go, divine magic abounds, gently guiding you to notice the tiny synchronicities that are constant reminders that you are on the right path. During times of major transformation and upheaval, our outer reality is shifting quickly in accordance with our change in perception. The test is to remain grounded through it all, especially during the times of uncertainty or loss. When things are taken away, it is only to create the space for better opportunities to find you. Adopting a perspective of the bigger picture will allow you to see even the setbacks as a chance for authentic growth.


The Universe always provides, given that we remain connected to our true self, to our heart that radiates unconditional compassion, non-judgement, and a knowingness grounded in higher ideals. We carefully construct our reality with every thought, intention, and action. It is only when we do so consciously that we can create new patterns of being that are more loving and authentic. When we take responsibility for our ways of being, we can no longer shift the blame to something or someone outside of ourselves. We draw every experience into our lives for the simple reason of learning from it and evolving. In order to learn the lessons we need to integrate, we encounter similar situations in different forms until we get the message.

The Universe is guiding us to consciously learn, experience, and create. What do you want to bring more of into your life? When you pinpoint what it is you want to create, align with the vibration of that creation. How would it feel to bring that experience into your life? How will it help others, and how will it help you to transform? In what ways do your creative endeavors allow you to align more fully and authentically with your path? The next right action will be crystal clear, although you may be unsure of where it will lead. Intuition and inner wisdom will be your guide. Move in the direction of what feels right for you, releasing the fears and external expectations that keep you stuck. Align with the Universal will and invite this wisdom into your experience. In that way, you effortlessly attract an abundance of opportunities that will guide your highest evolution.

Divine magic surrounds you now.
Your intuition is accurate.
It is safe for you to be empowered and to embrace your fullest creative expression.


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