Fairy Flowers.



Find the beauty in everything.

Choose to see your experience from an empowered and loving perspective, always asking how you can see the lessons in each obstacle.

Align with love. Align your highest timeline, your truest, most authentic, loving self. By embracing your authentic joy and self-expression, you allow more love and abundance into your life. Choose to see miracles, shifts in perception. Expect miracles.

Original photography.


Empowerment & Empathy.

Lightworkers tend to be highly sensitive to their environments. They can easily pick up the energy of others and take on feelings that are not their own if they are not conscious of what is happening.  This can be exhausting if the empath’s healing energy is not being replenished. For those of you who identify as an empath, you recharge your energy by spending time alone or in nature, with plants, animals, or introspective activities. It is important to honor and respect these needs daily in order to function at your highest capacity for love and healing. Empathic energy acts like a filter, cleansing and healing the people and places surrounding them.

Original photographtaken in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Empaths are continuously challenged to acknowledge their capacity for healing by consciously directing their energy inward in order to extend their love toward the upliftment of others while maintaining their own sense of inner peace and balance. What is most important is truly maintaining one’s unique sense of personal balance and radical self-acceptance. Empathic lightworkers, starseeds, incarnated mermaids and fairies all require copious amounts of self-care, self-love, and connection to Gaia in order to function in chaotic environments, especially with so many people carrying around their fears, worries, and negativity.

In order to activate an empowered, balanced, and grounded sense of empathy, meditate often, gathering cosmic wisdom through the crown chakra, integrating healing and acceptance in the heart chakra, and activating the root chakra by grounding healing vibrations into Gaia’s core. This lovely cycle balances cosmic wisdom and grounds it in order to heal Gaia, which is the role of the empowered empath.

Choose Love.

Fresh perspectives and bursts of creativity arise spontaneously. These moments of insight are often connected to our desires for transformation and empowering change. As conscious creators of our experience, our duty is to thrive, to express ourselves authentically in all ways, and to love all things with limitless compassion and non-attachment.

We are here to create from the heart and to accept abundance into our lives. Our true state of being is playful, fun, blissful and filled with light. When we choose to live in the light, it is a conscious decision that is made over and over. The choice to choose love over fear, to choose compassion over judgement, to choose freedom over worldly attachments.


Vrksasana, Tree pose.
Original photograph, taken in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Goddess Power.

My work is intended for those who are devoted to an unfathomable, boundless journey of spiritual upliftment, of heightened consciousness, of ultimate metamorphosis into the  our most loving, kind, wise, compassionate and self-less state of being, our natural state. We practice accessing the aspect of our being that is subtly aware of the larger cosmos, which inherently understands that personal fulfillment arises only when we serve others on their path, silently leading by example, inspiring others to go within.

The role of earth goddesses, faeries, and mermaids on this spectacular Earth is to protect and nurture the environment, to harmoniously live our lives in a way that is intimately connected with the greater cosmos that is beyond logical comprehension. To love and cherish Gaia, to bring more love, creativity, bliss and freedom to all beings. We are all lightworkers, to continuously ground the energy of unconditional love, free of judgement and attachment, healing ourselves, others, and the environment.

original photography by ethereal mermaid aura jade

I want to lift my hands to the sun. 



Original photography shot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Affirmations for goddesses, mermaid faeries & lovers of Gaia.

It is safe for me to fully step into my power and to shine my light brightly, with infinite compassion and without judgment.

Each day, I invite my angels and Higher Self to guide me each step of the way, with the full knowledge that I am always on my path.

Any obstacles or setbacks that arise are simply opportunities for growth, to shift to a loving, empowered perspective

I am empowered by taking responsibility for my thoughts, words, and actions.

I now align with my highest timeline that will be of greatest service to others and bring me contentment, bliss, and abundance. I align with truth by always listening to my heart, which will never lead me astray.

The Silent Observer.

No matter what arises in your experience, it is an opportunity to expand, to love more, to be better, and to move into alignment with the person that you want to be. Obstacles are merely possibilities for transformation. The key is to approach every situation with an empowered perspective, a heightened consciousness that peacefully realizes that you are beyond thoughts, emotions, and desires; you are limitless consciousness.

Everything is changeable, and nothing will stay the same, even the times of bliss, peace, and grace. It is all a gentle ebb and flow, a remarkable chance to allow yourself to be guided during the cycles of change. Expansive opportunities arise, as well as times of trouble and hardship, but it is all in the way you mindfully approach each experience.

Nothing is inherently good or bad. It is the egoic mind that dualistically analyzes and categorizes one’s experiences. The mind is uncomfortable with the unknown or that which cannot be logically deduced; it wants to place things into neat little boxes of separation. The nature of the mind is transcended by developing mindfulness and high consciousness. Cultivating the perspective of the observer, the silent witness which is aware of all experience, without judgement, without attachment, without desire. Awareness is constant as it serenely watches the fleeting flow of emotions and desires. Watch it all, without categorizing the experience as good or bad, attractive or repulsive. It all simply is. Let go and be the awareness, the silent witness.



Original photography,
taken in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Abundance, bliss, fun & playfulness are our natural states of being. By aligning with the vibration of what you want to create, you can bring your desires into manifestation. Feel your desires deeply, and visualize them with such intensity that they feel real. Believe and act as if your dreams are already a reality. How would you think, act, and feel if your desire has come to fruition? If you need help, ask for it, and be open to receive. 

Blossom into your highest potential by filling your days with what you love, leaving behind distractions, fears, and worries. Empty yourself, allowing the Universe to fill you with love. 

aura jade

Original photography.
Taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Cosmic communication.

The Universe is always sending us loving messages, little winks to say that we are on the right path. Cosmic communication is subtle, and requires stillness, silence, and inner peace in order to access it. Once you begin to recognize the signs that resonate with you, more and more of them will begin to pop up. The Angelic messages I often receive are repeating 3’s, butterflies, feathers, clouds, and animals. The little winks that resonate with you may be found in a book, a poster, a chance encounter, like when something you were just thinking about finds its way into your reality. Synchronicity is the way the Universe communicates, “you are supported & guided.”

Take every loving message as a gentle reinforcement that yes, you are on the right path, at all times. Each synchronicity is also a powerful opportunity to check your thoughts and see if they are truly in alignment with want you want to create.

aura jade ethereal mermaid

Original photography.

Consciously Learn, Experience & Create.

The Universe is supporting you in grounding your wildest dreams into this physical reality. Your power of creation is limitless, so leave behind the inner voices, external forces, and societal institutions that tell you no, that throw doors in your face and implicitly ask you to suppress your authentic self in order to conform. This is an inner rebellion against your own limiting thoughts.


As we become more adept at manifesting by closely witnessing our dreams, desires, emotions, and thoughts, we become skilled at aligning with the vibration of that which we want to create. Our greater purpose here is to learn, to experience, to create and to love with conscious awareness that transcends our limited perspective and old programming that has been forced upon us since birth. As we expand our consciousness, we become attuned to the forces that guide us through the day, gently nudging us in the direction of our dreams. 

Take your craziest, most out-there audacious dreams, and ground them into your reality though pure intention and unwavering focus. What is it that you want to create? How will it serve others and also make you feel sustained and fulfilled? Our passions and creative self-expression are our guide, our map for where we are supposed to be going. To move closer and closer toward the truth, the eternal unchanging truth of who we really are. We are awakening to our power and becoming aware of our role in the creative process, as conscious creators of our experience.

When I was not living in my truth, it was a gradual process to release all the things that no longer served me. Limiting patterns held me back. I struggled with debilitating self-doubt, body hate, and emotional eating. The pain arose when I compared myself with others, or tried to fit into the mold of perfection instead of embracing my true self, including my flaws, weaknesses, and weirdness, as well as my gifts, creativity, and grace. When I stopped ignoring my inner dreams and wishes, I left behind all of the distractions that held me back from fully embracing my potential and aligning with my truth with clear intention.


Being grounded in the cosmic truth that we are all intimately connected, that we all one global family that transcends national and political divisions. We are a part of something much larger, and each person has their own unique expression to bring into the world, to bring more light and love. Leave behind the delusions and the ego’s tiny mad idea that says “You are not good enough.” Acknowledge when those thoughts arise, and realize that they are not who you really are. Your truest state is one of abundance, bliss, creativity, playfulness and fun. Align with that, believing that you deserve all the love and abundance that is always flowing, always trying to find its way to you.

Your thoughts and actions are so powerful. Observe them, without judgement, and continuously hold yourself in a place of unlimited and unconditional compassion.

Align with love over fear, and the Universe will conspire behind the scenes to show you exactly where you need to be. At all times, you are on your path.

Affirmation of the day:

I choose to align with love rather than fear. I laugh at the ego’s tiny mad idea that says I am not good enough. My true state of being is one of limitless love, abundance, and creative self-expression.

It is safe for me to powerfully step into my truest and most authentic expression. I align with my highest timeline that will be of greatest service to others and bring me fulfillment and peace.

Magical Mystery Tour.

Life is a series of collective moments, each seamlessly giving way to the next. Whatever arises, it is empowering to view our experiences with a perspective of self-awareness and responsibility. In what ways have we personally contributed to the events in our lives, to each lesson and encounter? It doesn’t all happen by chance, although synchronicity is always close by, if we take notice of its subtle signs. The Universe operates on many levels, and one of it’s principles is the notion of resonance, or the law of attraction. Our energetic vibration, made up of thoughts, emotions, and desires, contributes to what experiences we draw into our lives. We harmonize with our environment, which is merely a reflection of our internal state. For instance, when we are feeling negative or low vibrational, those are the things we attract into our lives, consciously or not.

If we were to view life as a fantastic magical mystery tour, we would see each experience as an exciting, choose-your-own-ending adventure. As your tour guide, I ask, “Where would you like to go next? What experiences, relationships, and opportunities for growth would you like to attract into your reality?” The choice is all yours, and the options are wide open, like a large white canvas waiting for you to splash it with neon color, glitter, and rainbows. Remain high vibrational by keeping your intentions authentic and pure, and the rest will naturally begin to fall into place. Noticing the messages you need to hear in this moment, the spark of light out of the corner of your eye that leads you to exactly where you are supposed to be.


This post features original photography,

taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.