Something Better.

During the manifestation process, clarity is key. What we desire is not only an experience, the experience of enjoying something or doing something new, but the feeling that it creates within. We desire what it is that we think will bring us fulfillment, joy, and peace. It is only when we seek contentment in things that are fleeting that we are filled with suffering, when we wrongly place our happiness in an object or experience outside of ourselves.


Original photography taken in Salt Lake City, Utah.

To be a conscious co-creator of your reality requires you to be fully responsible for the thoughts, feelings, and experiences you choose to bring into your life. Everything is a lesson that teaches us to love more, to be more authentic, and to more fully align with what makes us shine and radiate with passion and creativity. Whatever it is that no longer resonates with who you want to become, leave it behind. The baggage of the past does not need to weigh you down forever. Thank, forgive, and release. If you ask for help releasing what is holding you back, you will receive assistance.

We have the power to manifest a reality beyond our wildest dreams, one in total alignment with our authentic, loving state, grounded in truth and higher wisdom. Meditate to get in touch with your own inner guidance, and find yourself in the flow of life. Release attachment to the results and to the fruits of your actions. Whatever it is you desire, know that the Universe is conspiring behind the scenes to support its manifestation. Your role, then, is to align fully with the vibrational frequency of that desire and trust that it is coming to you in Divine time, not when it’s convenient for you. Ask for this or something better, creating space for even bigger dreams to find their way to you. Be a wide open vessel and allow the Universe to guide you, to fill you with love.




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