Magical Mystery Tour.

Life is a series of collective moments, each seamlessly giving way to the next. Whatever arises, it is empowering to view our experiences with a perspective of self-awareness and responsibility. In what ways have we personally contributed to the events in our lives, to each lesson and encounter? It doesn’t all happen by chance, although synchronicity is always close by, if we take notice of its subtle signs. The Universe operates on many levels, and one of it’s principles is the notion of resonance, or the law of attraction. Our energetic vibration, made up of thoughts, emotions, and desires, contributes to what experiences we draw into our lives. We harmonize with our environment, which is merely a reflection of our internal state. For instance, when we are feeling negative or low vibrational, those are the things we attract into our lives, consciously or not.

If we were to view life as a fantastic magical mystery tour, we would see each experience as an exciting, choose-your-own-ending adventure. As your tour guide, I ask, “Where would you like to go next? What experiences, relationships, and opportunities for growth would you like to attract into your reality?” The choice is all yours, and the options are wide open, like a large white canvas waiting for you to splash it with neon color, glitter, and rainbows. Remain high vibrational by keeping your intentions authentic and pure, and the rest will naturally begin to fall into place. Noticing the messages you need to hear in this moment, the spark of light out of the corner of your eye that leads you to exactly where you are supposed to be.


This post features original photography,

taken in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.



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