Consciously Learn, Experience & Create.

The Universe is supporting you in grounding your wildest dreams into this physical reality. Your power of creation is limitless, so leave behind the inner voices, external forces, and societal institutions that tell you no, that throw doors in your face and implicitly ask you to suppress your authentic self in order to conform. This is an inner rebellion against your own limiting thoughts.


As we become more adept at manifesting by closely witnessing our dreams, desires, emotions, and thoughts, we become skilled at aligning with the vibration of that which we want to create. Our greater purpose here is to learn, to experience, to create and to love with conscious awareness that transcends our limited perspective and old programming that has been forced upon us since birth. As we expand our consciousness, we become attuned to the forces that guide us through the day, gently nudging us in the direction of our dreams. 

Take your craziest, most out-there audacious dreams, and ground them into your reality though pure intention and unwavering focus. What is it that you want to create? How will it serve others and also make you feel sustained and fulfilled? Our passions and creative self-expression are our guide, our map for where we are supposed to be going. To move closer and closer toward the truth, the eternal unchanging truth of who we really are. We are awakening to our power and becoming aware of our role in the creative process, as conscious creators of our experience.

When I was not living in my truth, it was a gradual process to release all the things that no longer served me. Limiting patterns held me back. I struggled with debilitating self-doubt, body hate, and emotional eating. The pain arose when I compared myself with others, or tried to fit into the mold of perfection instead of embracing my true self, including my flaws, weaknesses, and weirdness, as well as my gifts, creativity, and grace. When I stopped ignoring my inner dreams and wishes, I left behind all of the distractions that held me back from fully embracing my potential and aligning with my truth with clear intention.


Being grounded in the cosmic truth that we are all intimately connected, that we all one global family that transcends national and political divisions. We are a part of something much larger, and each person has their own unique expression to bring into the world, to bring more light and love. Leave behind the delusions and the ego’s tiny mad idea that says “You are not good enough.” Acknowledge when those thoughts arise, and realize that they are not who you really are. Your truest state is one of abundance, bliss, creativity, playfulness and fun. Align with that, believing that you deserve all the love and abundance that is always flowing, always trying to find its way to you.

Your thoughts and actions are so powerful. Observe them, without judgement, and continuously hold yourself in a place of unlimited and unconditional compassion.

Align with love over fear, and the Universe will conspire behind the scenes to show you exactly where you need to be. At all times, you are on your path.

Affirmation of the day:

I choose to align with love rather than fear. I laugh at the ego’s tiny mad idea that says I am not good enough. My true state of being is one of limitless love, abundance, and creative self-expression.

It is safe for me to powerfully step into my truest and most authentic expression. I align with my highest timeline that will be of greatest service to others and bring me fulfillment and peace.


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