Cosmic communication.

The Universe is always sending us loving messages, little winks to say that we are on the right path. Cosmic communication is subtle, and requires stillness, silence, and inner peace in order to access it. Once you begin to recognize the signs that resonate with you, more and more of them will begin to pop up. The Angelic messages I often receive are repeating 3’s, butterflies, feathers, clouds, and animals. The little winks that resonate with you may be found in a book, a poster, a chance encounter, like when something you were just thinking about finds its way into your reality. Synchronicity is the way the Universe communicates, “you are supported & guided.”

Take every loving message as a gentle reinforcement that yes, you are on the right path, at all times. Each synchronicity is also a powerful opportunity to check your thoughts and see if they are truly in alignment with want you want to create.

aura jade ethereal mermaid

Original photography.



  1. Does the universe have a subtle way of saying “you are unsupported and unguided?” Have you experienced at un-synchronicity recently?

    • At all times, you ARE supported & guided but it might not feel that way when you feel lost.

      The ket is getting really crystal clear about what you want to create, to live in a way that is in alignment with your intention. To believe that your desire or goal is here NOW, so how would you act? how would you live and feel and fill your day?

      The universe tells you when you are off the right path when things dont really flow, when you feel stuck or lost. or things feel like they are at a standstill and nothing is moving forward. those are the times when it is beneficial to bring your energy inward, to think, meditate, and create clear intentions. Ask for assistance, and you will find it!! your intuition will always guide you the right place at the perfect time, but it may not be on your schedule ;)

      great question, i hope i helped a bit.

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