Goddess Power.

My work is intended for those who are devoted to an unfathomable, boundless journey of spiritual upliftment, of heightened consciousness, of ultimate metamorphosis into the  our most loving, kind, wise, compassionate and self-less state of being, our natural state. We practice accessing the aspect of our being that is subtly aware of the larger cosmos, which inherently understands that personal fulfillment arises only when we serve others on their path, silently leading by example, inspiring others to go within.

The role of earth goddesses, faeries, and mermaids on this spectacular Earth is to protect and nurture the environment, to harmoniously live our lives in a way that is intimately connected with the greater cosmos that is beyond logical comprehension. To love and cherish Gaia, to bring more love, creativity, bliss and freedom to all beings. We are all lightworkers, to continuously ground the energy of unconditional love, free of judgement and attachment, healing ourselves, others, and the environment.

original photography by ethereal mermaid aura jade

I want to lift my hands to the sun. 



Original photography shot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Affirmations for goddesses, mermaid faeries & lovers of Gaia.

It is safe for me to fully step into my power and to shine my light brightly, with infinite compassion and without judgment.

Each day, I invite my angels and Higher Self to guide me each step of the way, with the full knowledge that I am always on my path.

Any obstacles or setbacks that arise are simply opportunities for growth, to shift to a loving, empowered perspective

I am empowered by taking responsibility for my thoughts, words, and actions.

I now align with my highest timeline that will be of greatest service to others and bring me contentment, bliss, and abundance. I align with truth by always listening to my heart, which will never lead me astray.



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