The Silent Observer.

No matter what arises in your experience, it is an opportunity to expand, to love more, to be better, and to move into alignment with the person that you want to be. Obstacles are merely possibilities for transformation. The key is to approach every situation with an empowered perspective, a heightened consciousness that peacefully realizes that you are beyond thoughts, emotions, and desires; you are limitless consciousness.

Everything is changeable, and nothing will stay the same, even the times of bliss, peace, and grace. It is all a gentle ebb and flow, a remarkable chance to allow yourself to be guided during the cycles of change. Expansive opportunities arise, as well as times of trouble and hardship, but it is all in the way you mindfully approach each experience.

Nothing is inherently good or bad. It is the egoic mind that dualistically analyzes and categorizes one’s experiences. The mind is uncomfortable with the unknown or that which cannot be logically deduced; it wants to place things into neat little boxes of separation. The nature of the mind is transcended by developing mindfulness and high consciousness. Cultivating the perspective of the observer, the silent witness which is aware of all experience, without judgement, without attachment, without desire. Awareness is constant as it serenely watches the fleeting flow of emotions and desires. Watch it all, without categorizing the experience as good or bad, attractive or repulsive. It all simply is. Let go and be the awareness, the silent witness.



Original photography,
taken in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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