Empowerment & Empathy.

Lightworkers tend to be highly sensitive to their environments. They can easily pick up the energy of others and take on feelings that are not their own if they are not conscious of what is happening.  This can be exhausting if the empath’s healing energy is not being replenished. For those of you who identify as an empath, you recharge your energy by spending time alone or in nature, with plants, animals, or introspective activities. It is important to honor and respect these needs daily in order to function at your highest capacity for love and healing. Empathic energy acts like a filter, cleansing and healing the people and places surrounding them.

Original photographtaken in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Empaths are continuously challenged to acknowledge their capacity for healing by consciously directing their energy inward in order to extend their love toward the upliftment of others while maintaining their own sense of inner peace and balance. What is most important is truly maintaining one’s unique sense of personal balance and radical self-acceptance. Empathic lightworkers, starseeds, incarnated mermaids and fairies all require copious amounts of self-care, self-love, and connection to Gaia in order to function in chaotic environments, especially with so many people carrying around their fears, worries, and negativity.

In order to activate an empowered, balanced, and grounded sense of empathy, meditate often, gathering cosmic wisdom through the crown chakra, integrating healing and acceptance in the heart chakra, and activating the root chakra by grounding healing vibrations into Gaia’s core. This lovely cycle balances cosmic wisdom and grounds it in order to heal Gaia, which is the role of the empowered empath.



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