Fresh Beginnings.

Ethereal Mermaid Natarajasana Dancers Pose Yoga

Every day is an opportunity to love more and to be mindful of what we are thinking and feeling. We are changing so much, in each moment, month and year. The practice of yoga is one of many ways we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone in order to evolve and be better than yesterday. At the same time, yoga also challenges us to release all expectations of what we think our practice should look like. We want to do the most advanced postures, but it’s about the journey of getting there and not an end in and of itself.  Our practice develops on its own schedule, in accordance with the devotion we put into it. In yoga, we are invited to simply feel and be, to no longer think and analyze. We can thereby cultivate and sustain the perspective of the observer, the silent witness who lives from the heart chakra.

Make today a fresh beginning by releasing whatever is blocking you from manifesting your awesome, your authentic self-expression. It could be letting go of a thought pattern that no longer serves your highest good. Perhaps some part of your daily routine can be altered or streamlined. Ask yourself, what would a more creative life look like? How can you bring more of what you love into each day? Dwell on these questions with the full knowingness that each moment is a fresh start, a chance to change your perspective.

Original photography. 



  1. Meditation at the beginning of each day helps me to streamline through things and puts the important front and center! Every time I sit at my alter its my way to a fresh new start whether its early morning or nighttime!

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