Creative manifestation.

ethereal mermaid aura jade yogini
Manifestation begins with clear intention and a serene state of mind, allowing you to tune into the heart space, the aspect of your being that is beyond words, thoughts, and analysis. The heart knows what truly makes you shine and inspire others with your radiance. It is the ego mind that creates imaginary fears, worries, and doubts that keep you stuck in patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve your highest potential. These thoughts are not who you are. They are a part of you, but you are something far grander and more magnificent than the mind can conceive. As pure consciousness and a divine co-creator, you decide what experiences you want to bring into your life in order to learn and evolve.

If you could create anything, what would it be? How can you align with your clear intentions? What small steps can you take now, and what fears can you let go of? Dream the wildest dreams, and know that you possess infinite power to create whatever it is you want in your experience. Step into your power, into the fullest expression of your divine potential, and you will always be guided to exactly where you need to be.

ethereal mermaid

We are here to consciously grow, learn & create.

Original photography. 



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