Gaia Goddess

ethereal mermaid A Gaia Goddess connects to nature with the understanding that she is a beautiful expression of creation, just like the flowers, trees, plants, and animals. She treads lightly, never dwelling too long in one place. Allowing herself to be guided by the stars and moon, something larger than herself, she leaves a part of her heart everywhere she goes. She is aware of an unspoken truth that she possesses a unique energetic vibration that is unlike any other in the Universe.

As she carries the happiness, peace, and nostalgia of each experience with her, she remains firmly rooted in the present moment. Each breath reminds her to simply be, to live from the heart space, and to continuously release all fear, negativity, and doubt. The journey she is on is divinely guided by her angels and she is always supported wherever she is.

ethereal mermaid



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