“Life is nothing but a continuing dance of birth and death, a dance of change.”
– Sogyal Rinpoche

earth ethereal mermaid gaia
To step into the fullest expression of your vibrant light is to flow with the unexpected turmoils of life, allowing yourself to be divinely guided in each moment. According to Doreen Virtue, every person has at least one angel, and they are always nearby to help us when called upon. By placing your intention and asking for guidance, it is given. The power of thought and intention is insurmountable. What you think and feel, you thereby create. Monitor your thoughts and emotional state in order to become aware of what you are creating.

Cultivate a state of mind of abundance, peace, and blissful joy that radiates to everything and everyone around you. Be a beacon of light, an agent of positive change and transformation. You possess infinite power to instigate metamorphosis of your entire being, and by extension, the world around you. Leading by example, you may never know the full extent of how the radiance of your light changed everything.

flowers ethereal mermaid aura jade yogi karma love gaia goddess



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