Ask Your Angels.

Ask your angels Ethereal Mermaid Gaia Goddess Aura Jade Nature An Affirmation for Aligning with your Highest Timeline.

I would like to connect more deeply to my angels and loving spirit guides on a daily basis. I choose to get still and silent in order to hear their loving guidance. By releasing the ego’s will, I allow my angels to guide me with their larger perspective, helping me realize things that I cannot see from my vantage point. I allow my angels to flow through my creative endeavors and inspire me to follow my heart. My angels guide me each step of the way as I maintain a positive vibration that effortlessly links me to their wisdom.

I choose to stay grounded in the spiritual truth of my purpose and role on Gaia in order to fulfill the Divine mission I was sent here to do. I ask my angels to help me remain devoted to my mission and to maintain a clear connection to my highest timeline that will be of greatest service to others and be the most fulfilling. I trust that my angels know a better way and I ask them to continuously guide me to activate my highest timeline.

I ask for help in releasing the old paradigms and mental programming that prevents me from moving forward. I let go of my past mistakes, leaving only the loving lessons behind. I fully respect myself and I forgive myself for the seeming mistakes I made, knowing that I consciously created my experiences in order to learn from them and evolve. From a higher perspective, I recognize that my past provided many opportunities for growth.

Each day and in each moment, I invite my angels to guide me every step of the way and I listen to their gentle, compassionate wisdom. At all times, I am always on my path. I now fully align with my highest timeline.



  1. I feel a strong connection when i read this.

    The ego sure plays tricks but what would we be without it? :)

    Anywho. Your aura is vibrant and pure. Genuine and true. White light is what i see in your heart. I hope i too can swim in your waters. <3

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