Mermaid Aura

ethereal mermaid luna

A mermaid is a bringer of light who silently blesses all those she comes across. She thrives on synchronicities and chance encounters which she recognizes as messages from the Universe. Others want to learn her secrets. Most people cannot understand her amazing powers of empathy. Humans cannot love as deeply, sweetly, and innocently as the mermaids. From her perspective, there is no separation between every drop of water on Gaia and herself. Her aura is the energy of water. She feels what another is feeling, understanding them at a soul level.

From William Mistele,

“If a mermaid ‘wants to have a human experience,’ it would serve no purpose for her to know in advance that she is not human. Otherwise, when she has to deal with a difficult situation, it would be easy for her to think, ‘The choices I make do not matter. I am a mermaid. I do not have to take any of this seriously.”

She takes in everything around her, attuning to her strong intuition and psychic messages. Like the oceans, she flows with whatever comes her way. She is divinely guided and always in the right place at the perfect time. Linear time is of no consequence to her, for she operates from a place beyond time. The only moment that is and ever was is Now. This ethereal mermaid is beyond the confines of worldly attachments and goals. She is guided by an internal source of radiant light and endless joy that bubbles up within. In the golden glow of the sun, the full moon, and salty water of the ocean, she is balanced and totally at ease within her being.

mermaid aura ethereal

Authenticity is an ongoing theme that beckons her to remain devoted to her inner mission, continually evolving into a better version of herself, to inspire others on their unique journey. A mermaid is skilled at energy healing, with her empathy, compassion, and connection to water. She teaches others through her pure presence, grounded in her peace and connection to something larger than herself, the oceans, the movement of the stars and sun. Nothing captivates her more than the foaming white waves as they crash on the rocks, the crystal blue waters gently pulsing and penetrating all crevices of the earth, healing her, activating her.

There is an internal spark of radiant joy that arises only from self-reliance and a persisting connection to divine truth.  Others take notice of her light-filled energy, but they cannot seem to put their finger on what is so captivating about her presence. A glitter in her eye, a shimmer of awareness of the inexhaustible connection to the cosmos, where she is from. A palpable, celestial energy sustains something larger than her.


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