Surrender & Allow

Ethereal MermaidThe quality of surrendering is an aspect of the feminine. It requires letting go, releasing thoughts, emotions, goals, desires, fears, attachments and preconceived notions. And yet to surrender is powerful in its own right. It’s when you realize the paradox of being a divine co-creator, while also acknowledging that certain things are beyond your control. In that space of knowingness and trust, you can more fully step into your power.

When you surrender what you no longer need, the limiting thoughts, situations, people, and ways of being, you create space for better things to come your way. In the manifestation process, you create what is attuned to your vibrational frequency, as in like attracts like. It is helpful to clearly discern what you want to create, whether you write it down, create a vision board, or hold a strong mental image. The immense power of thought and intention constructs the lucid reality of this third dimensional experience, and you always have the choice of what you want to create. When you awaken to the fact that there is more than what can be seen, measured, and analyzed, you begin to see magic in the mundane.

Ethereal Mermaid Original photography CopyrightOriginal Photography

To surrender and let go is the act of creating space for more peace, love, abundance, and opportunities for growth to enter your reality. In meditation, I realized I could let go of it all, the thoughts, fears, and self-imposed limitations, in order to be filled with Universal love.  When you surrender, you become a vessel for cosmic love and wisdom to flow through you, with its infinite and relentless source of creativity, peace, and compassion. In this manner, you allow better things to come your way.

Ask the Universe, your angels and Higher Self to guide you to become a greater container for love and abundance. Ask the Universe to bring you something better than you can imagine. This is a blank check for the Universe to flow abundance your way, and continue to amaze you with unexpected miracles. Meditate on your specific intention, and allow it to occur naturally with grace and ease. Expect miracles, shifts in perception. Expect that all good things are already coming to you. The Universe is conspiring to make it happen, you simply have to get out of your own way.



  1. Hey, that’s great, your writing is fantastic… very inspirational. I found you because of your post on mangrove ashram… I was thinking of going to wwoof there, your post help with that but then all your writing… wow… good on you for posting so often… keep at it… put it into a book… you are the light alright.. shine on. (check out my music on my facebook?)
    your awesome…. I like ;)


    • Jesse thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate that you read my blog and find some inspiration. I hope you take the opportunity to wwoof at mangrove sometime. I will be sure to check out your music.

      Much love.

      • Hey Aura,

        Jesse again, Iv been totally enjoying your posts, its come at a good time for me…. made some big changes… shaved my head and quit all my bad habits on my birthday (Sept, 9th) and am feeling really good. the first week was hard. and iv replaced them with good habits like yoga. I am also a singer/songwriter and wanna purify my self so i can convey the right messages and emotions in my music.

        I have had an interest in yoga for years, done some classes, but was always looking for more information on the spiritual side, (not religious) the study of self ect… iv always had strong spiritual interests but now with no restrictions i find my self free to truly explore them. its great :)

        However i live in a small community (i am from Canada but now live in New Zealand) working at a restaurant/back packers… its great but all my friends here smoke and drink ect… and now i feel a bit separated from them (in a good way), i still love them of course but just don’t wanna hang out all night and do those things i did before. yaaa knowww.. and so yes im kinda in need of some like minded friends…

        I feet a strong connection to your writing and just had this idea we could correspond a bit, perhaps inspire each other a bit and laugh too…

        well if you have the time, my email is

        and this is one of my songs(video) (as iv read about you and seen your beautiful photography):

        peace, love,and light


      • Thank you Jesse for taking the time to read my blog & let me know about your experiences. I can certainly relate to letting go of the bad habits and feeling a bit alienated from others in the process. However it will all be worth it when you act from a place of inner strength.

        Great video! I will be in touch.

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