Cosmic Wisdom & Grounding with Gaia

ethereal mermaid
For empaths, lightworkers, starseeds, elementals, and highly-sensitive beings, connecting to nature is a way to ground ourselves and maintain the delicate balance that can be disrupted by the stresses of daily life. To be aware of your true divine nature is to accept yourself as you are and to release all ego-judgement about who you are or who you think you should be. You simply are the “I AM” consciousness, that which perceives everything, that which takes it all in, creating and living from the heart. You can connect to nature with your bare feet on the grass or in the sand, in the warm sunlight of the late afternoon. Deep in meditation, you can visualize yourself on top of a mountain, breathing the brisk fresh air and allowing it to wash over you like salty ocean water. In this manner, you are revitalized and reconnected to the aspect of your being that is conscious of its interconnectedness with all of creation.

Rise with the sun and feel its radiance illuminating the light within. Your daily practice to connect with nature will cultivate surreal clarity, allowing you to call in your angels and higher self for guidance. With balance and connection to Gaia, you access a greater ability to hear the wisdom of your guides. The cosmic wisdom that you receive during meditation or dream states will be integrated more effectively when you connect with nature, allowing that wisdom to flow through you into the environment, an extension of your being. Gaia is healed when you meditate and ground the wisdom of the stars and your star family into the earth, cleansing and healing her with pure love and light.

Listen closely. Nature will show you the way.


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