The Mermaid Realm.

ethereal mermaid salty water gaia goddess

Mermaids are elemental beings of the water realm who possess exceptional powers of healing, compassion, and manifestation. They fully embody the essence of the divine feminine, the creative and powerful aspects of goddess spirituality. Mermaids are also known as undines or water spirits. Their role on Gaia is to preserve and protect the natural world in all her splendor and beauty, while also teaching women her powers of empathy, healing, and creation. The mermaids possess inexplicable grace and ethereal beauty. They nurture the oceans, lakes, streams, and the abundance of diverse plants and animals. Mermaids perceive the world as an extension of their being. There is no separation between them and every molecule of water on Gaia. Mermaids can attune their energy to every wave, ripple of water, and raindrop due to their extraordinary empathic qualities.

The realm of the mermaids encourages us to develop empathy, healing, compassion for all creatures, and psychic abilities. As guardians of the ocean and all the life it nourishes, mermaids inspire us to care for Gaia and her waters in the same way. When we cultivate empathy as a daily practice, we no longer perceive the world as something outside ourselves, but rather, as a direct reflection and extension of our internal state. Every person has a duty to preserve and nurture all life with unconditional love, compassion, and non-attachment, just as the mermaids do.

As bringers of light, it is also our responsibility to actively work to heal ourselves and channel that energy to heal Gaia. During meditation, we can connect to the mermaid realm by coming into a deep state of peace, beyond thought. Mermaids communicate through feeling and they can effectively comprehend one’s energetic field to see if it is in vibrational resonance to the water realm. If you feel called to work with the mermaid realm, raise your vibration, which is determined by your thoughts, feelings, and intention, in order to make a connection. One practice is to meditate on the waters of Gaia, every ocean, lake, stream, river, waterfall, and dewdrop. Visualize that you can feel every aspect of water, which is capable of holding a specific energetic vibration. Attune to the mermaid realm through pure intention and affirm that Gaia is restored to her optimal vibrational frequency, including all the waters, plants, animals, and people. The mermaids will assist in this process if they are called, and you can also bring in your angels, spirit guides, and Higher Self.



  1. I just had a realm reading done and I was surprised to discover my connection to the mermaid realm. Do you have any more information on how I can further access these abilities. I have already stepped to my role as a healer and light worker but I need more guidance on self healing. Thank you and namaste.

    • Hello, it is so nice to hear from you. those from the mermaid realm possess strong empathy, and a key part of our path is learning to hone those skills by being aware of and responsible for our personal vibration at all times, instead of being swept away by the tides of others’ emotions/negativity. As you maintain your highest vibration, those around you have to shift, they must raise to your vibration (or else you would have to lower yours) because this universe is based on resonance. Self healing is a huge theme for us! we are constantly clearing out energies that no longer serve us in order to really hold our own power. the best advice i have is to constantly check in with yourself, see how you are feeling and allow those emotions to rise to the surface and heal. water simply flows and allows. If you have more questions, please let me know. i will write a blog post about this subject as well.

      • Thank you! I am really enjoying this blog very much. I’d love to talk more about the realms with you at some point. So glad I found your space on the internet <3 Namaste.

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