Earth Goddess

ethereal mermaid sun gazing

The embodiment of the Divine Feminine is expressed through nature’s creative power. Gaia gives all of herself without expectation or attachment. To be an Earth Goddess is to appreciate the innate power of creation and to see the love inherent in everything. The Divine Feminine is the expansion of our consciousness to adore the goddess and her qualities of creativity, compassion, empathy, and raw, wild power. The feminine has been suppressed for so long because some feared her strength, could not understand her psychological, emotional, and sensual depths, and sought to subdue the goddess.

At this time, we are moving into harmonic balance between the masculine and feminine. The aspects of the goddess and female spirituality that have been repressed are bubbling to the surface in order to be healed and integrated within. The creative power of feminine nature is mystical, beyond logic. Shakti energy creates out of pure love, without need for gain, reward, or control. The male aspects are coming into alignment with the feminine as we move toward balance and healing.


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