End Suffering

Gaia Goddess waterfall

The beauty of Gaia continues to astound me. Nature lovingly inspires me to look within rather than without. When I listen to my internal guidance, I realize that nothing is outside of myself. The lessons, moments, and experiences in this life are ones I chose in order to learn and grow. As I dig deeper and strive to new heights, I am reminded of the gentle truth that suffering is a result of desiring something, anything, other than what is here, now. When we want something other than what is in front of us, we cannot act from a place of gratitude and present-moment awareness. Suffering is self-sabotage perpetuated by the fear-driven ego, which will analyze something to pieces, comparing what has been to what’s to come.

When we allow the mesmerizing beauty of nature and our own inner light to inspire us, we can tell the ego-mind to take a backseat. This is when we consciously choose to act from a place of inner-knowing, gratitude, and peace, instead of the past and future-tripping of the fearful mind. We choose love over fear by accepting the now and extending unconditional compassion to ourselves and others. We end our suffering by releasing all desires for anything other than the present moment. In doing so, we exist in a state of gratitude as we continually let go of the cause of our suffering.



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