Fairy Wonderland.

fairy wonderland
After returning from a splendid journey in the mountains of Utah, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Each day was spent hiking in pristine nature where I existed outside the confines of time, giving and receiving healing. The woodland mountain air is incredibly oxygen-rich. Nothing feels better than taking an invigorating inhale of the freshest air. During those days deep in the mountains, I wanted to tread lightly, each step offering the land healing energy. By spending time outside in the wilderness, I felt loved, nurtured, and grounded. In the lush landscape of the mountains, there is an all-pervading peaceful serenity and silence that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

The majesty and grandeur of the beautiful mountains has a way of making one feel so small, yet intimately connected to the greater whole. Nature whispers her wisdom if we listen. She beckons us to love and care for her, as she does for others without expectation. The elementals and earth fairies that reside in these lush environments also encourage us to be stewards of the land, to actively protect and nurture our mother Gaia. In the wilderness, you can tune into pure life-force energy and allow yourself to be, beyond thought, desire, and fear. When you tune into the vibration of the land, it will lead you to lovely places that leave you in a state of awe and gratitude.

Utah mountains

With each step, you are guided to exactly where you are supposed to be. Love the journey!


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