Clarity of Purpose

Warrior II Ethereal Mermaid

With practice, your skills of intuition and manifestation become more accurate. It all starts with clarity of purpose by being clear with the Universe about what you want to create.  As a divine co-creator who possesses infinite power to attract everything you need into your life,  you must be unwavering in your intention. A great exercise to open the doors of manifestation is to access a meditative mind and ask, “What is it that I would like to experience? What would I like to bring into my reality?” Whatever comes up is your heart’s desire, so listen to that gentle voice, allowing the ego to relinquish its worries, fears, and projections. Write down what you would like to create in the present tense and imagine it in such clarity that your desire feels real now.

You may not know how the Universe will bring your intention, but be open to receiving guidance in unexpected ways. Magical thinking allows opportunities to arise that are far beyond your wildest dreams. Set your intention, and surrender the “how” to the Universe in the full knowledge that you are divinely supported. The next step is to act in alignment with that which you want to create by taking small action steps toward that manifestation. Anything else would be sending mixed messages to the Universe, which in effect says “I don’t believe that I deserve this.” Shift that perspective to be in full alignment with your manifestation through guided action and allow the Universe to support you with its wisdom. Be open to receiving, even if it’s not in the way you expect.


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