These Dreams

Ethereal Mermaid ~ Natarajasana

As we engage more deeply with our spiritual practice, whatever it may be, we develop the fundamental understanding that life is a reality created through intention and action. What we focus on expands because our focus and intention is so powerful. If we tend to dwell on mistakes of the past or worries of the future, we take ourselves out of the present and create unnecessary anxiety, which effectively hinders the manifestation process. If, however, we take the focus on negativity and shift that to love, we instantly align with our soul’s highest purpose, to authentically love, create, and serve others. We open the gates to manifestation with the understanding that whatever we can dream, we can create. 

The unique expression of our soul’s purpose is found in our greatest passions and talents. That is where we must place our positive intention for growth and transformation. Focusing on negativity only creates more of it. The shift to a loving perspective creates opportunities for abundance to enter our lives in unexpected ways. The key is to get still and silent enough to access the wisdom of the heart space, which communicates through emotion, intuition, synchronicities, and angelic messages. It is also helpful to call upon your higher self, guides, and angels to release stuck, negative energy surrounding past mistakes or traumas. Assistance is always available to let go of what you no longer need. By setting your intention, it is done.

Allow yourself the space and time to sit in meditation and get clear about what you want to create. It is time to leave behind the fears and ego-judgements that keep us stuck and small. It is safe to step into your power now and call upon your angels for divine guidance. Know that you will always be supported on your path as you maintain integrity, love, and devotion.



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