Earth Angels.

The guardians of Gaia are here to lead by example by showing others what it means to truly live in the full radiance of divine light. By nature, Earth Angels are sensitive, empathic, compassionate, and attuned to subtle Universal energy. They need a lot of time alone to sit in meditation and recharge. As natural healers, Earth Angels assist others in accessing their light and removing fears that stand in the way of spiritual growth. Their purpose is to be stewards of the planet and to inspire others by fully stepping into their power. Earth Angels are also highly psychic and intuitive, and possess tremendous capabilities to heal through energy work and intention. Due to their empathic qualities, Earth Angels must actively shield themselves from the negativity and fear of others in order to maintain their own inner harmony. They must practice clearing to release any energy they take on from others. An effective method of clearing is to call in your Angels and Archangel Michael by saying, “Please clear any energy within or around me that is not of light and love. I now release any energy that is not mine.”

Earth Angels are waking up in order to assist the ascension of Gaia and usher in the Golden Age of the new Earth. They are being called upon to fully live in their light by healing themselves of past traumas, remembering their true divine origins, and devoting themselves to the path of their unique soul purpose. Sometimes the immensity of their mission can leave them feeling alone, distraught, and confused. If an Earth Angel does not feel ready to take on her mission, she may distract herself through addictions or co-dependent behavior. However, the gentle voice of her intuition and guides will help her get back on her path and give her the strength to continue. Earth Angels are also being called upon to step into positions of leadership during this lifetime in order to change broken systems and help others.

If you feel that you are an Earth Angel with a mission to serve the ascension of Gaia, know that you are not alone and that you have many resources to support you. Reach out to your Angels and guides for assistance. Refuse to dwell on the immensity of your mission, and instead focus on the action steps you can take now to fully align with your purpose. Know that you possess great power, intuition, and healing abilities. Honor your sensitive empathic nature by being patient and honest with yourself about your boundaries and needs. Always give back to yourself first so that you can more effectively serve others!




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