Ethereal Mermaid

When I shine bright I ignite the light in others.
– Gabrielle Bernstein

On an individual and collective level, we are being called to fully embrace our inner power by relinquishing fear and old programming. The shadow side of ourselves and society arises in our collective conscious awareness in order to be healed and transmuted into the vibration of pure love and compassion. With each thought, deed, and intention, we are creating the New Earth where all people live in 5th dimensional awareness and maintain clear understanding of their connection to the divine. As we transition to the golden age, more of us will awaken to our true state of enlightenment.

The ascension process is beckoning us to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and ways of being in order to hold more light in our energetic and physical bodies. As we release deeply ingrained fears and take on more light, we become effective conduits for spiritual wisdom. We inspire others with the radiance of our true divine nature, the part of ourselves that is not separate, but one with the greater whole. We are all here to assist Gaia in this process. By sending her light and healing energy, we effectively fortify the transition as people realize their soul origins and oneness with All That Is.


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