Grounding for Earth Angels.

As lightworkers, we are integrating unconditional acceptance of and compassion toward others, ourselves, and our sensitive nature. Earth Angels (another term for lightworkers) need to practice grounding daily as a way to maintain inner harmony and personal boundaries. Because of their kind and empathic nature, Earth Angels often unconsciously pick up the energy of others or allow others to overstep their boundaries, emotional or otherwise. They are natural healers, and lightworkers need to continuously release residual feelings, negativity, and psychic energy from people. They can do this through meditation, intention-setting, yoga, and a quiet moment in nature.

Grounding For Earth Angels

Anything that allows you to replenish your energy should be included in your daily spiritual practice. It is impossible to give to others before giving back to yourself. Whenever you feel frazzled, confused, tired, or depleted, take a moment to tune into your breath, your body, and your emotions. An effective daily practice is to connect with Gaia by placing your bare feet on the ground and taking deep, even breaths, focusing at the heart center or third eye. Do this each chance you get! Meditation and visualization also allow you to connect with Mother Earth and promote healing on the individual and collective levels. Imagine and feel Gaia surrounded by an energetic matrix of divine love, compassion, healing, and protection. Take a moment to gather cosmic wisdom from the stars, feeling this love enter through the crown chakra, illuminating your entire being with light. Allow the wisdom of the stars to dwell in your heart chakra and send your loving intention to Gaia’s core, as well as any other fears that can now be transmuted and healed. Stay here, in peace, stillness, and love. Make this experience your own by tuning into your higher self and asking for guidance.




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