Shine On, Goddess

Mermaid Goddess

Yoga ~ Hoop Dance ~ Art ~ Music ~ Self-Expression

      Creativity beckons us to manifest our dream reality. There are several practices you can include in your daily routine to easily and gracefully attract your heart’s desires and amazing wishes. One way to attract more abundance into your life is to focus upon what you’ve already manifested. Write down a list of things you love and things you are grateful for today. Take some deep breaths and tune into your heart center. Allow the feeling of love to grow and expand while you think about everything you adore. Expressing gratitude is a certain way to attract more abundance, love, and opportunities, often in unexpected ways. When you step back and allow yourself to be guided by your heart, abundance effortlessly surprises you. Focus on your heart’s desires, and release attachment to how your dream will find its way to you. Fully trust your healing, intuition, and manifesting power. There is no worry about how it will happen. Surrender and allow all good things to flow to you now.

     Another essential daily practice is meditation, sitting in a still and quiet space, allowing yourself to make a connection to your Higher Self. In this place of serene stillness, set an intention to be guided by your heart, releasing the ego’s will. Laugh in the face of the ego’s tiny mad idea, a concept from A Course in Miracles, which invites us to choose love and peace over fear. Forgiveness and unconditional acceptance of oneself and others expands our spiritual growth. Acknowledging your fears and bringing them to the light is a lovely way to release past worries.

Take time each day to do whatever makes you the happiest! I fill my days with music, hoop dance, yoga, meditation, healing and nature. Let your heart lead the way when it beckons to experience new things and travel the world. The most impactful changes occur when you are totally outside of your comfort zone, where nothing is safe or familiar. That is when you grow the most, often in a short time. Teach yourself and learn new things each day. Move closer toward your highest potential.

Shine On, Goddess!


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