Depth of Being

talisman audrey kawasakiArtwork by Audrey Kawasaki. 

Go within, retreating into the depths of your being, and discover a quiet place of solitude and surrender. Dwell in this space of peace and self-reliance, knowing that the seeming problems in your life are only opportunities for expansion. Pray to see the bigger perspective. Ask to be remain empowered and to be devoted to your mission, every day. Refuse to over-think the size of the task ahead. It here where the ego-mind springs into action, trying to dissect the situation and bring to the forefront all the obstacles and fears standing in your way. Affirm, “These fears can now be released as I more fully align with my true state  of being, one of abundance, creativity, love, and success.”

The journey of a lightworker feels lonely and alienating at times, but in truth, we are never alone and we always have support. This blog is intended to be a light on your path, a gentle reminder that you are completely capable to manifest your highest potential, the divine life mission you chose to fulfill. Know that you have everything you need, you simply need to take the next right action. No need to worry about the “how” of your manifestations. The Universe takes care of the “how” while you take care of the “what” by aligning with the “why” of your heart space. By moving into alignment with your heart’s true desires, you manifest more quickly and inspire others on their journey.

And so it is.



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