Light & darkness

As this magnificent year draws to a close, we are gently reminded to reflect, to take a moment to contemplate the miraculous changes and opportunities we’ve experienced so far. We are reminded that both the light and darkness are valid aspects of ourselves that deserve inquiry. No longer must we shove down the darkness and turn our backs on it by covering it up with addiction or distraction. This is the time where the pure light of awareness can shine on all of those repressed feelings and memories that we’ve tried to ignore. Once we allow the murky waters of the unconscious mind to flow to the surface, we allow them to be released, transmuted, and healed for the greatest benefit of ourselves and others.

I invite you to take a moment to still yourself in meditative contemplation, to move beyond the limitations of the fearful ego-mind. There is no reason to live in fear any longer. With your eagerness and sincere intention, you can choose to leave all of this behind, to no longer ignore it, but instead to fully face it so that you can finally let it go. Releasing all the baggage that’s weighed you down, for years maybe, and finally surrendering it to spirit, to your guides and angels. And you feel lighter, more attuned to the wisdom of the heart, your Higher Self.

This year, you are challenged to even more fully align with your soul purpose. The excuses and distractions are now over, whatever the ego-mind has constructed as an obstacle can now be unveiled and seen as it truly is, a delusion that prevented you from expressing your authenticity and creativity. With the knowledge that you are supported each step of the way, you can now set your beautiful intentions for the upcoming year. While you dream of what you want to manifest, know that you deserve abundance, success, love, and opportunity. In order to make your manifestations even more powerful, dwell in the heart space and ask yourself, “How can I serve? How can I give more? How can I fully align with my Highest timeline that will be of greatest service to others?”



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